Online Dating: Daters Do it Better

Although there are millions of people out there using free dating sites who are actually looking for love, some of us simply want to explore the dating pool and try out our options. It’s not that someone looking to hook up is avoiding love. They’d take it if it came. But keeping one’s sights aimed on casual dating and romantic interaction is simply the preferred option for some.

In today’s dating market, the overwhelming consensus seems to be that daters do it better. Now, exactly what “it” is is up for interpretation and certainly isn’t any one single thing.

So, what is it that daters do better than those involved in or looking for serious relationships?

For starters, daters are better at social interaction. Because of the practice they’ve picked up, obviously, it’s easier for the dating type to meet and greet than it is for someone not so in tune with dating.

And this doesn’t just go for meeting singles at a bar or on a free dating site. Daters doing it better also holds true for any type of social interaction, like that important job interview or other things where one’s diplomatic nature is called upon.

Confidence is essential to successful dating off or online

It’s the confidence in a dater that helps to ease them into nearly any social situation. They have more adaptability and even more humility and definitely a better barometer for things as they start to go sour.

Another “it,” as if you didn’t know it was coming, is all about sex. Not that sex is necessarily something that requires practice to be good at. It’s not exactly a job. Some partners are easy to please. But by and large, daters know how to keep things more exciting, are aware of more erogenous zones and can set the mood for sex better than those who haven’t had the same experience.

Dating can lead to serious relationships after meeting online

The last “it” daters seem to do better is, ironically, serious relationships. When casual daters finally find love, the love seems to stick better. Because of their inclination to move on to the next date if things aren’t working out, a daters’ senses are more tuned to natural chemistry – and if they get involved in a serious relationship, it’s usually with a person who matches their personality quite well.

It may not be in your moral wheelhouse, but going on a few dates before you decide to knuckle-up and look for real love might just be the best move you can make. And who knows – you may find true love along the way.