Online Dating Etiquette: Profiles

If you were to check out any dating service online right now, you’d probably find that about half of the profiles are incomplete and about twenty percent of them have nothing but a photo and “I’ll tell you later” or “Ask me” options selected for nearly every category. No one can be really sure why this is; we can only be sure that it’s rather annoying to want to know something about a potential match and to be stonewalled from the get-go.

So, these people aren’t too much on dating service etiquette. That’s pretty easy to see. But what about you – should you be a little more mannered when filling out your profile?

If you’re looking to get the most responses and have the best chances to find real love online, then you should definitely give some thought to meeting the proper decorum of a site.

What are some of the profile etiquette rules you’ll want to use? Well, there are a lot to deal with; we’ll cover a few of the top ones here, so that you’ll know where to start at least.

First and foremost, you’ll want to be honest. What this means is, simply, if you’re married, then put down that you’re married. Don’t be a creepazoid and hide this type of stuff from people possibly entertaining you as a prospect. The same goes for children, your living situation, and any other major details someone should know about – put them on your profile so people can see them as they’re seeing you.

Next, use your real photo on any dating service. By using a fake (fake is an encompassing term here) photo, you’re probably thinking that you’ll get more responses. But you’re setting yourself up for a hard fall here. What if you meet someone you actually hit it off with and then have to explain why you look nothing like you do in the photo?

Also, be a little open about who you are. If you’re not comfortable divulging details of your job, your religion or your smoking/drinking habits, then that’s fine… to an extent. But you should always write a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for in someone else.

The dating scene can be cleaned up entirely, one profile at a time. Why shouldn’t it start with yours?