Online Dating Etiquette: Resending

When dealing with a free dating site, the sky is really the limit on what you can expect. Not that you should go in with extremely high expectations, but always realize that there is massive potential to meet that special someone and live out the rest of your days in love. And if that sounds a little too Hallmark to you, simply take a look at the stats – they speak for themselves.

Dating online in the beginning

No matter how your relationship evolves, though, most in the realm of a free dating site start relatively the same: you’ll send a message to a person you’re interested in or receive one from a person interested in you. From there, it’s hard to tell what’s around the next corner.

But what about the email response etiquette here? Say you’ve sent out an email to a person you’re interested in and, after a week, you still don’t have a response. Is it proper etiquette to send this personal another email?

Although there are many factors to consider here, the simple—and correct—answer is, yes, it is proper to send a follow-up contact message if you haven’t heard back from the first.

Rules of online etiquette in dating

The only real “rule” in place in terms of etiquette: you should probably wait for at least a week, two would be better, before attempting to resend an email.

Oh, so you’re cursing this article right now? You’re saying, “Well, obviously this person didn’t want to respond to you. So why would it be proper etiquette to bother them yet again with another contact message?”

Well, how would you know that this person is ignoring you? Any free dating site out there can be a hectic place, and any member can be absolutely inundated with personal messages and could have simply overlooked your first message.

And that’s only dealing with the singles site. What about computer crashes, not enough personal time to look at the mails, an accidental deletion, etc?

Give those your interested in dating a chance

There are countless reasons why a person may not have replied to your initial email/flirt contact, and it’s certainly within the parameters of online dating etiquette to send a second.

If you do not get a response for your second message, though, you shouldn’t send a third. If your second goes unanswered, then it’s a safe bet that this person simply does not want to speak with you, and pressing the issue is just rude. Remember these online dating etiquette rules and you will be fine. have fun!