Online Dating: Going Braless in Boston

I never really thought I was the type of girl to try out the online dating scene until I actually went through with it. Most of the guys I’ve met in my life have been world-class jerks. And convinced that most guys fit this profile, I had no hopes for any dating sites out there.

Against my better judgment, I filled out a profile and tried online dating. I found that finding a good guy wasn’t the problem; me not making a fool out of myself – that was the hard part. Luckily, though, I found a guy willing to hang in there despite my bloopers – or maybe because of them.

The story: I met a guy named Lewis on one of those popular dating sites you see televised all over the place. With the tagline “Hey, baby,” I really expected him to be another jerk. But he came across as sweet, caring and really funny. Plus he was totally handsome and smart as a whip.

Adding fuel to my growing fire for Lewis, he lived fairly close to me. I had no problem driving over to meet him for dinner when he asked. The only problem I had was in finding something to wear.
I picked out a blue strapless dress to show off my shoulders and neckline. You know – nothing too sleazy, but certainly nothing too Mormon. So, all I needed now was a strapless bra to wear.

The dresser drawer, empty – the shower rod was a no go. I couldn’t find a strapless bra anywhere. “Okay,” I thought. “It’s only a first date. Nothing active or stressing; plus it’s not going to be cold out. No real reason to wear a bra.”

I’m not sure if he could notice I wasn’t wearing a bra. And truthfully, part of me—the part that’s very proud of the girls!—didn’t care if he did or not.

He brought me roses, pulled out my chair, complimented my hair, and we were having a great dinner. About halfway through, however, I had to excuse myself from the table for a moment.

When I stood up, the bottom of my dress—I should have worn a skirt, in hindsight—was stuck under the chair, and the 4 inches my dress was yanked down was just enough for my girls to spill out and flop around over the table for what seemed like an eternity.

He was very polite, trying not to stare directly into the headlights, but I can’t say the same for the rest of the restaurant. My 36 Cs were on display for a solid 2 seconds, long enough to spot a camera flash and to hear a loud “Whoa, mama!”

A tip to all the girls out there meeting up for a first date after online dating– don’t sacrifice support for looks. It might leave you exposed.