Online Dating Myths: Age Factor

Have you ever browsed around the free personals and wondered if what you see is actually true? If you’re actually an Internet dating site user, then the answer is probably a yes. Okay. Now, have you ever wondered why, per a lot of dating sites out there, the singles game is presented as something only young people are participating in?

Of course, the bigger, more popular sites make an effort to let you know that their services are all inclusive. But that still doesn’t get rid of the widespread myth in the dating world that online dating—hooking up—is a young person’s game.

Why is there such a belief floating around that only young people can successfully use free personals and find love? Well, a lot of it has to do with society’s image of older people in general.

Take the topic of driving for example. What are some of the myths there? You know them all: old people can’t see the road, they pull out in front of you, they drive too slowly, they cause more accidents than younger people, etc.

Then you have other myths about old people, including a rumor that they smell different than young people, aren’t as active, aren’t as mentally sharp, don’t have sexual relationships—or even a sex drive—anymore, etc.

These myths either stem out of people’s fear of getting old, or they just don’t know yet that age is something affecting us all and doesn’t necessarily mean that, with time, you’ll become less adept at something.

If you’re an older person thinking about trying out the free personals to give online dating a try but are a little apprehensive due to the picture painted that only young people find success, then it’s high time you realized just how many singles are out there.

For every twenty-something out there seeking someone their age, there’s another single, 50 or older, looking for someone their age. For every single wanting young and ripe, there’s another seeking experienced and wise.

No matter how old you are, you should never be deterred from joining a singles site and finding out if you can still find love. The myth that dating sites are only successful for young people is completely false.