Online Dating Profile Pictures: Betcha You Didn’t Think of THIS

When you choose the pictures of yourself to add to your online dating profile what do you take into consideration? I know I used to think solely of what I looked like in the images and whether or not it showed a part of my personality. And of course if it was going to look totally pixilated then I wasn’t going to put that up on my profile either. But other than those few considerations I figured the choosing was pretty simple.

Turns out I was wrong.

OkCupid did an experiment on what people gravitate to when they look at dating profile pictures and their results were fascinating.

They put together a group of 552, 000 images of people from their dating profiles and put them up against each other two at a time. They got something like 11 million opinions so this was a pretty expansive poll when you think about it.

Their results are extensive and they even have graphs to show exactly what they are talking about. They cover everything from:

1. Which cameras were the most used for popular profile pictures
2. Photo attractiveness by camera class
3. How the flash can add on average 7 years to your looks
4. How focus affects how good your personal pictures turn out
5. The time of day you take the photo does indeed matter

It might just be time for you to get a new camera to take your dating profile pictures with. According to the study you might want to take a look at Panasonic Micro 4/35 cameras. They seem to do the best job.