Online Dating Rules for Women

If you were to start right now and build a profile on dating sites, post a photo and answer pokes and flirts as they’re sent, the odds are great that you’ll quickly land a date with a guy of your choosing. However, if you want to find and attract the right guy, there are a few rules you should follow when using the site.

While it’s true that most dating sites you check out online will be relatively the same, most guys are not, despite the overabundance of clichés out there stating otherwise.

In order to attract the type of guy you want, here are a few tips to try

Play to your strengths

None of us really enjoy filling out all of those details on a dating site profile. But if we’re hoping to attract the right type of people, then we need to be abundantly clear about what we want. The idea here is to play well to your personal strengths. Talk about what you know, and leave the rest a mystery. This way, you’re being informative about who you are and what you want, yet you’re still leaving an air of intrigue.

Let him see a lot of you

You should think about using your dating site like a social networking site. Posting multiple photos is a good thing. Let him see you in multiple situations – hanging out with friends, alone, with your pet/family members, etc. You don’t want the photos to be too revealing, but you still want the guy to see who you are. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So remember that a few thousand words are better.

Be selective, not picky

When you do get approached by every random schmo on the site, remember that it’s fine to be selective and to stick with the type of guy you’re looking for. Being picky, however, might result in missing a golden opportunity. In other words, if the guy meets your main qualifications, then go for it. If he has a few minor details you don’t like, try to ignore them.