Online Dating Services: The Looming

Some people choose to use dating sites or online dating services because it takes a little bit of the anxiety out of meeting people face to face and attempting to find good chemistry. Some people, however, have too much anxiety to be dating at all without some type of medication. This leads us to the story of Carlos – an auto mechanic who gives paranoid an entirely new meaning.

Carlos was a handsome 32-year-old man, struggling through divorce when he decided to give online dating a try. He wasn’t always the paranoid type. But after his ex wife cheated on him and kept virtually everything a secret, Carlos began questioning everyone’s motives.

He had been fired from the Fortune 100 company he worked at when he suddenly flew off the handle, frisked his secretary while accusing her of stealing his file, and cursed his boss, claiming he was a government plant.

With Carlos, disaster was always pending. He was a true time bomb waiting to explode. This fact of Carlos’ life wasn’t known to Debbie, however, who met and liked Carlos online and thought the relationship could really go places.

While using the online dating service, Carlos seemed normal enough. In fact, he was Debbie’s knight in shining armor – always complimentary, always sweet and gentle, and seemingly a good all-around guy.

The two decided to meet at a small coffee shop in Debbie’s town after two months of getting to know one another online. When Debbie first spotted Carlos in the coffee shop, he was wearing a hat and sunglasses in the middle of the day.

Carlos seemed apprehensive at the table. He kept tasting the sugar to make sure it wasn’t salt, and telling Debbie how she can’t trust baristas because they’re only out for the money. Debbie thought this was just Carlos’ sense of humor and wasn’t ready to fit him for a straight jacket just yet.

The coffee date went well enough to turn into a walk through the neighboring park. Debbie noticed Carlos had an aversion to birds. And to baby strollers. And to hotdog vendors. And to people using cell phones. The more she paid attention, the more she realized that Carlos was pretty much weary of everything.

His paranoia turned to outright delusion when Carlos looked at Debbie and said, “You love him more than me, don’t you, Catherine!?”

Shocked and ready to run, Debbie asked if Carlos was joking. Seeing that he wasn’t, Debbie quietly ended the date and drove back home. Nobody knows where Carlos ended up, but let’s all hope he hasn’t worked on your car recently.

Debbie learned from this that it’s important to delve into someone’s life a little more when planning on dating them. Simply believing they’re your prince charming isn’t always enough.