Online Dating: The Juggler

Thousands of happy couples are brought together by online dating sites every month. The statistics are overwhelming. In fact, to look at the success rates, one may begin to think that relationships are easy.

However, some people aren’t content to only find one partner out there. Some, like Rick, decided that being the online dating “playa” was his true calling, and his bevy of bewitching beauties was going to cement his status as #1 big shot among his friends.

Rick’s first target on his online dating site of choice was a young political science major named Stephanie. Rick’s thought process: “Oh, she’s a college student – which means she must be all about partying, putting out and no paperwork.”

He worked on wooing Stephanie for a few weeks before meeting Christina, a 23-year-old blonde bank teller looking for some fun and flirting, nothing serious.

After a little bit of juggling and using the exact same lines on both girls, Rick had both willing to entertain actually dating him.

Then, just when things were going good with the first two, Rick met Tina – an 18-year-old volleyball player about to head to college for her freshman year. Tina was a little more difficult to pick up, but after learning some personal informational about her, like the fact she had a sister, loved puppies and Kings of Leon, Rick had a working plan of attack.

Rick’s motto: why stop at three when you can have four? So, with the quickness, Rick looked to exploit yet another online dating site and pick up another cyber girlfriend strictly for bragging rights.

So Rick tried reaching out to Diane, a 25-year-old nurse whose sole purpose in life was to bring social justice to the masses.

But things were getting tough for Rick. He couldn’t keep up with Diane in the same way he kept up with the rest. He still tried, but his connection to Stephanie and Christina was the strongest, with Tina coming in a close third.

Slowly but surely, though, things started to get creepy. Tina’s story seemed a lot like Stephanie’s story. Was it all in his head? Was he just getting his storylines crossed up? After all, he was speaking as four characters to four young women every single day. The masks were starting to meld.

Online dating was easy, he thought, but keeping Stephanie and Tina separate was getting tough. He found it odd that they both grew up in the same town, went to the same high school and that both had similar interests. But he convinced himself it was his mix up.

About three weeks into his quad-juggling bonanza, Rick found out the news. Tina and Stephanie were actually sisters. Stephanie had described a guy to Tina, and Tina immediately replied that she had found someone too!

When they exchanged photos, the gig was up for Ricky. The sisters proceeded to torture Rick with constant questions, phone calls, offline messages and more. Rick eventually gave up, changed his number and never logged on a dating site again.

The moral here isn’t hard to pick up. “Playas” don’t always make out in the dating world. The sites are to be used, not abused.