Online Or Offline UK Dating-- The Choice Is Yours

Many people aren’t sure where to start when they decide to look for others to date. It’s probably just a toss-up when you decide, whether you want to go the conventional route or maybe look into organized, offline dating such as dating agencies, speed date services or matchmaking services. Then there are the date sites online and those that prefer to just sit on their behinds waiting for love to chance their way.

There are approximately 15 million singles in Britain. There are also thousands of dating sites online and about that many organized dating services. It is hard to get an accurate listing of how many date agencies are listed in the UK due to many factors. One thing that is for sure though is that there has been tremendous growth in the dating sector, online and offline, in the last few years.

The reason it is hard to determine the amount of date agencies is because there are no rules to govern date sites or matchmaking services. There are also no licensing requirements involved to start a dating agency so almost anyone can start a date service. Then there are no rules once they are started on how to run them.

Of the 15 million singles it is known that only about 5 million are looking for love online.

There are 26% of the singles involved in offline, organized dating with about 39% of the singles chancing a love encounter without enlisting the services of offline or online dating sites.

Also, and amazingly, only 21% of the British singles that join a date site are in the 18-24 year old set. The 55 and older set are the most active online daters and organized dating group. This older group is also split about 50-50 in the gender category.

It is also known that the 45 to 54 year old age groups are the ones that most readily found sex through online dating in the UK.

If you do want to check out a date agency you can go through the Association of British Introduction Agencies. This will not accurately provide you with the best sites because some of the best sites and really great agencies are not members, so therefore are not listed with them.

The best way to find online and offline dates is by asking friends, colleagues and even family members to recommend their choices.

You also don’t want to just rely on the big name agencies you hear advertised on television or radio. This amount of advertising doesn’t insure your safety from a scam site; sometimes it just proves they had more money to spend to set up a good dating scam.

Most of the agencies that are recommended to you or those that are listed are probably legitimate. They aren’t all out to scam anyone just watch out for any warning signs and pay particular attention to any sites associated with scare stories you may have heard of.