Outfits You Should Never Wear on a First Date

The outfit you wear on your first date is always a little bit hit-and-miss, but there are a few major don’ts that are worth remembering for the occasion.  Here are a few tips for guys and girls on what you shouldn’t be wearing when you make that all-important first impression.

For the Guys

  1. Skinny jeans and your converse – you’re on a date, so even if you’re just going down to a local pub, put on some decent shoes and some jeans that don’t look like Lindsay Lohan wants them back. Your girl might be the skinny jeans and plaid shirt type, but that doesn’t mean you should wear it on your first date
  2. All black – believe it or not, guys, girls are more attracted to pretty, pastel colours than anything else.  That bright red t-shirt you love?  Save it for a day in the park.  Think baby blue, or if you’re man enough: a light pink
  3. A tracksuit – we shouldn’t have to tell you, but just... don’t

For the Ladies

For girls this is a little more tricky.  By now you should have figured out the subtle difference between sexy and slutty, but here are a few finer pointers.

  1. Cleavage is fine, but not mid-boob. By this we mean dresses that allow someone to see the space between your breasts.  If you’re especially gifted here then go for a halter neck or something with a lot of support.  All guys love a bit of cleavage, but if it’s all over the place they won’t want to be seen with you.
  2. Granny underwear. Visible panty line is never acceptable, ever.  You don’t have to wear a thong, but you’re not in grade school anymore, and it’s just not okay to have a big line outlining your cheeks.
  3. Anything that makes you taller than him. This can be tricky if it’s a date set up online, but if you’re normally very tall, avoid the killer heels and go for modest wedges or ballet pumps.  There’s nothing worse than a girl being a head taller than her date, but a couple of inches is fine.

Use these tips and ideas to help you choose the best attire for your date. Remember that the choices you make are vital to your first impression and you know how important that very first impression is.