Overcoming Insecurities to Get a Date

9 out of 10 times, a woman will shut you down because of your insecurities.  After a while, you might really consider giving up.  But this shouldn't be the case.  Once you are able to come to terms with why you are insecure, you can finally break that pattern.  You might have to try a little harder and you might receive some rejections despite your new wave of confidence but eventually you will find the girl for you.  It is easy to tell you exactly what you need to be confident.  The hard part is putting these words into action.  But once you begin, even if you just try simple things like saying hello to everyone, you will notice a change in your behaviour, and how you feel around others.  You will become more confident.

The only way to understand why you are insecure is to look at the root cause.  What is causing all of this insecurity?  Were you picked on at school for how you look or dress?  Have you been rejected a lot?  Do some ex girlfriends make it their duty to not just end the relationship with you but really crush your heart while doing so?  You have to take the time out to analyze what happened in your life to create this type of insecurity.  Once you find your insecurity, you can begin to face your problems and establish a great place for you to start overcoming insecurities.

Now that you know what your problem is, you have to begin to come to terms with it and let it go.  So a lot of women rejected you.  What's positive about this?  You are not wasting your time.  Once you know that a woman is not interested in you, you can move onto the next.  Rejection is actually pretty positive.  Now, if you are sitting around fantasizing about being with someone and then she rejects you, your whole world could come crashing down.  So be up front and just ask if she is interested or not.  If she isn't, move on.

If you were innsecure about your looks, go to the mirror and literally tell yourself that you love yourself.  Be comfortable with who you are.  The more you begin to love yourself, the more people around you will love you too.  And notice, that looks really are not everything.  Maybe in high school we are a bit vain, but as we grow older being with someone intellectual, that makes us laugh goes way beyond a couple of pimples.

Now the only thing you need to do is to increase your social life so that you can meet more people.  This does not mean find a girl and ask her out right away.  Get involved make friends and go from there.  Who knows?  You might be inspired to just ask someone out and she might just say Yes.  You can feel the situation out to see if it is right.  But by creating a more ample social life, you will be able to meet new people, learn new things (which will make you more interesting if you lack in that department) and help you to become happier.  The truth is happy people are usually more confident people.

So instead of reading more articles, pick yourself up and put these words into action.  Start getting yourself out there and become a more confident person.