Reasons Men like Older Women

Don’t let the title of this article fool you. By older, we don’t necessarily mean ancient! Please, don’t be offended. But joining up with a dating site online in your 40s and on makes you an “older” woman by default, because the vast majority of social networking junkies out there are all 30 and younger.

You shouldn’t feel out of place, however. If online dating sites are teaching us anything, they’re showing that younger guys absolutely dig older women. Men want their cougars and they want them now.

So if you’re thinking about trying out a younger man, just know that the pool is large. Here’s why:

Toned and focused

Most women in the cougar range work extra, extra hard on strengthening and toning their bodies, and this includes everything from those buttocks muscles to those vaginal-strengthening exercises. Trust me. Guys are totally into this, and they know that scoring an “older” woman offers more satisfaction all the way around.

All about experience, baby

Yeah, if you can’t tell, most of this has to do with the sex. You’re actually more desirable in the 40-60 range, ask Helen Mirren. Anyway… guys know that you have the experience and are able to fully satisfy their needs.

Brimming with confidence

Since older women usually spend much more time dealing with their appearance, they’re usually far more confident than younger women, even if they don’t really show it. Guys eat this confidence up and appreciate a woman who knows what she’s working with.

Tellin’ it like it is

Cougars are also a lot quicker to tell you exactly what’s on their mind. If a guy steps out of line, there’s no passive-aggressive hogwash to put up with. It’s usually straightforward and out in the open. Emotionally, men like it when women are more mature than they are. It’s something about that whole mother-son dynamic. I really hope that doesn’t creep you out! Blame Freud.