Reasons NOT to Stay Single

There are a lot of people out there quick to tell you that there are plenty of upsides to being single. Hey, that might actually be true. If you’re the free spirit type of person that doesn’t want anything to do with commitment, then being a single individual might be the wise choice for you. Who’s to say?

However, as evidenced by the massive success of online dating sites, many people find that being single is a drag. No matter where you stand on the issue, read a few reasons not to be single before you make any decision.

Reasons to not stay single

The Clock

That’s right – the clock is ticking. It’s a scientific fact that time is relative, and that the older you get the faster time appears to move. For example: those school days took forever when you were a kid, but entire years literally fly by in your 30s. How long do you want to wait around as a single person? Okay, you don’t have to run out and join any online dating sites today, but think about that clock ticking on you…

Cold Nights

Maybe you’re the type of single person who is only single per status. If not, though, then you’re spending your nights alone and missing out on all the hot and sultry nights a relationship can offer you.

Little Moments

Those little moments that happen in life, like having your partner wake you up with a kiss or catching the kitchen on fire with a toaster – they’re really priceless. Sharing sweet, sensual, happy, sad, pointless and even goofy moments together is, as some will tell you, what life is all about.

The Feeling

Unless you’ve been truly head over heels in love with another person, then you honestly do not know what you’re missing. The feeling is a paradox – it’s ironic and strange and virtually indescribable. It’s something you want to live forever for and something you’d kill for. It’s something everyone should experience once. How are those for reasons not to stay single?