Reasons why He’s Still Single

It’s true that there are literally millions of guys in the world using dating sites as we speak. And it’s also true that millions of happy couples meet and match using them annually. But a lot of women are a little apprehensive about the guys they meet on these sites.

After all, if he’s such a great catch, why is he still single and looking for a date online?

The first thing that might pop through your head is that he’s either a basket case or he’s involved with someone else and trying to be a “player.” However, there are quite a few reasons guys are single, and here are just a few.


A lot of guys are really tough to get along with. They might be good catches, but one of the reasons they’re single and using dating sites could be that their attitudes are just a turn-off after a while. One thing about difficult guys is that they actually make an effort to be difficult.

Independent Streak

Women often have a harder time being alone than men. A lot of guys out there, although they may be looking for love, are truly independent and don’t actually “need” a companion, and thus they haven’t looked around for one.

Child of Divorce

Girls growing up in a home with divorced parents tend to gravitate to relationships, whereas guys tend to stray away from them. One of the reasons he might be single and using dating sites is that he’s a little apprehensive about relationships in general.

Childish Fears

It’s not at all uncommon for some guys to get totally freaked out by the thought of having children. And anywhere that there’s a serious relationship a-brewing, they’re bound to stay far away. So if he’s using a dating site, it could be that he’s looking for a likeminded lady that doesn’t want kids.


Some guys are just plain cynical about dating as a whole. Sure, they’ve signed up for a dating site for whatever reasons, but they don’t necessarily have the faith that it’s going to work out, and that’s why they’re single now.