Relationship Advice: If your partner won't...

Meeting someone via free singles sites is a great way to find a healthy and happy relationship. It’s easy, convenient, and allows you to browse thousands upon thousands of singles until you find one that’s right for you. But no matter how “right” they are for you, they’re still people like everyone else – with likes, dislikes, wants, needs and desires. Pay close attention to this relationship advice:

Singles site got you a partner…now what?

If the free singles site has paid off for you and you find that you’re in a happy relationship with your partner, then congratulations are in order. But there’s always going to be friction as you ease on down the road. Maybe happy couples find that there are some things they like that their partners simply won’t do.

The things he or she just doesn’t want to do in the relationship

Oral sex tops this list. Some guys want it but their girls certainly don’t enjoy giving, and vice versa. Is this something you should keep pursuing if your partner isn’t into it?

Relationships have to work both ways or else they’re not healthy relationships. If one partner wants something but the other doesn’t, who becomes right? There is no right or wrong answer here. It has to do with the matter of importance.

A happy sex life means a happy relationship

Having a sexually healthy relationship is going to trickle down, so to speak, to the rest of your relationship. Satisfying your partner’s needs, unless they’re outright outlandish (in which case you may want to bail anyway), is natural in a relationship.

However, this issue shouldn’t be pressed. Bringing it up and speaking about it in an adult manner is helpful. This can lead to a possible solution; maybe a warming up process, maybe an alternative, maybe a trial basis. You never know unless the topic is brought up.

Continuing to beat the drum about want, want, want is simply going to turn your partner off to the idea completely. It becomes completely counterproductive and you can kiss your dreams of sexual satisfaction goodbye.

There’s nothing written in stone either way. Having your needs met, trying new things, keeping things spicy, etc, is important. But pushing your partner away by pressing the topic isn’t how to go about things.