Millionaire Match Review


Millionaire Match Review Single individuals with a lot of money may have many dating avenues at their disposal, but they’re also living a fast-paced lifestyle a lot of the time that doesn’t allow the everyday mix-and-mingle opportunity to present itself. This is what prides itself on – being a safe and effective meeting place for some of the world’s most successful people. – Positives

  • Very exclusive clientele list, including: Doctors, lawyers, Hollywood celebrities, models, etc.
  • No-nonsense site features make members “prove” their millionaire status to gain full access to the site.
  • Increased security means the proverbial scammers and spammers are a thing of the past.
  • No advertising allowed on the site means it’s cleaner and far more professional-looking than other sites out there. – Negatives

  • No video chat features are available
  • The site may seem a little too businesslike at times, with the exclusion of many online dating site essentials.
  • Even though the price shouldn’t/won’t matter to a wealthy individual, the yearly cost of using the site is still on the high end for the type of service you’ll receive. – Main features

Perhaps one of the website’s main features isn’t technically a site feature at all – advertising. This site has been mentioned by Forbes and, apparently, Charlie Sheen and other Hollywood mainstays use this site to find their matches. In terms of how this translates to you, it means that Millionaire Match is obviously good enough for the rich and famous.

The service features are also decent for anyone looking to match with a partner of equal standing. The search feature is fully capable of being fine tuned, thus allowing the user to search only for mates in his/her respective categories.

All members will be inserted into one of three groups. The first group is for the Millionaire users. These members make in excess of $150k annually and have shown they are millionaires. They will have full access to the site along with members of the Celebrity category. The Not a Millionaire group is for members who do not make $150k annually, and they will not receive the same access to the site.

Other features of include an instant messenger, chat rooms, advanced photo options, and more. – Who should join?
Although anyone can join and enjoy the services of Millionaire Match, the site is best used by wealthy people and/or celebrities looking to find a match through online dating. Anyone not part of the “Millionaire’s Club” will find that their presence isn’t exactly welcome and they will not receive the same access. Nothing against you, but you may come across as if you’re in it for someone else’s money if you join the site and don’t have what the other members have. – Full Membership costs

  • 1 month - $39.95
  • 3 months - $74.95
  • 6 months - $119.95
  • 12 months - $179.95
Pros and cons