Senior Dating: Yourself or Selfless?

There are a lot of issues seniors can run into when using dating sites to try their hand at love. Not only is this new technology something that takes some serious getting used to, even for most of us who use it regularly, but there is also the issue of family members and how they feel about a parent or grandparent’s leap into the dating pool.

Seniors and free dating sites

Although there are certainly enough seniors naturally making their way to the format who have been single for a long time and have some computer knowledge under their belt, most seniors who sign up for free dating sites are doing so after a loved one has passed away.

And while this is hard enough on the person deciding to move on with their life and find someone new, it can be even harder on children and grandchildren who may not understand nor approve of the decision.

Questions to consider if you are a dating senior

There’s a big question that comes up for a lot of seniors thinking about using free dating sites: should I do what’s best for my interests or should I do what’s best for my family’s interests?

Having to constantly look over your shoulder for family or constantly feeling guilty as if you must seek their approval can really be taxing on you. You may feel as if finding happiness will make your loved ones feel betrayed, and perhaps they would be uneasy about it.

This is something for you, however, and your family’s opinion on this should not be swaying your decision one way or the other.

Should you keep your dating a secret if you are a senior?

A lot of seniors keep their dating a secret from their families and end up creating bitter blood when families find out.

Whether you’re up front with your family about the choice is solely up to you. But a word of advice: you should always make it clear that you have every right to be happy and that trying to find love again is something you’re going to do with or without approval.