Signs You’ll Be Married

The only reason that people legitimately use dating sites is to find a connection. Whether this connection is based on friendship, random hook-ups or even marriage, every online dating user wants to reach out and touch someone.

A lot of the times, dating site users really want to find a long-term relationship that will ultimately lead to marriage and a family. Not everyone’s cut out for marriage, though, and even some of us that wind up getting married and living happily ever after never really thought we were the type.

Here are a few signs that you’ll eventually be married

Sucker for romance

If you’re a sucker for romance and truly want guys to sweep you off your feet, or truly want to sweep girls off of theirs, and if you’re the type that likes to wait until it’s “right” to take relationships to that next level, then you’re certainly the marriage type. It might not seem like it, but patience and old-fashioned romanticism are big-time marriage character traits.


We all probably have a soft spot for children (save the psychos), but we probably also have soft spots for puppies and feel-good stories. So simply liking children doesn’t mean you’re necessarily more inclined to be married. Actually wanting children, however, is a sign that you want a stable family life, and usually involves marriage.


Career-minded individuals plan for their futures by making sure education—the foundation—is in place, and then they use a series of logical moves, hard work and discipline to both enhance their careers and ensure stability. Sounds like a marriage and family could fit neatly into that scenario.


Being detail-oriented might mean you have a little bit of OCD, but it also might mean you’re more of the marrying type. Paying attention to details in your life means that you’re probably paying attention to your potential mates – as in their past, their financial situation, their personality, etc.