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Our Rating: ★★★★½ is one of the largest, if not the largest online dating sites in the world. They have tons of members who are ready and willing to date and more.

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SinglesNet Positives

- GREAT search function, many search features
- You have the option to let them matchmake for you!
- is absolutely MASSIVE in traffic. It is the largest online dating site in the entire world.
- Tons of great people - great thing about is the large variety of people you will find, of all walks of life.
- There are endless stories of people meeting their loved one at

SinglesNet Negatives

- Some features are limited in the free signup option
- More men then women.

Main Features of SinglesNet is such a great site because it has grown rapidly over a short period of time, mainly from word of mouth. People like all the different features you can do with only a free profile. You are probably aware how many online dating sites give you extremely limited options with a free account. Singlesnet beats other sites in this regard because it allows you contact other members when you are free. There is also no limited browsing options like many other sites have with just the free account. That being said, Singlesnet also features a paid membership where actual valuable upgrades to your account are added. has it right when they give you extra for your money and not what you should expect from a dating site anyways.

Why is it so easy to find someone compatible on The reason is the site is just massive! At the time of this writing, Singles Net has 14 million registered users, all looking for dates. That is really a staggering feature if you think about it - even massive sites like facebook probably do not have as many people on looking for dates - fb is more of a social network only, not a dating site like Singles Net. The chances of you getting a good date at myspace or facebook over a major dating themed site like are zero - use sites for what they were made for, and that means dating sites for dating. You know exactly what we mean.. other social networks are for sharing family and dog pics and joining events, etc. The focus on dating is simply not there no a large scale. Any serious dater would be better off at where everyone is like minded. Subscription Plans are as follows:

Free Member:
$0.00 - Limited options

One Month Membership Term
$24.95 a month

Three Month Membership Term
$19.95 a month

Twelve Month Membership Term
$7.49 a month has a no questions asked refund policy!!

Subscription plans for allĀ  SinglesNet members include the following features:

Other Information

The massive growth of SinglesNet over the last 3 years is not typical of normal dating sites. The reason is because SinglesNet has many testimonials of people falling in love, having sex, or just meeting amazing people on singlesnet over and over. The fact is when you put 14 million like minded people together looking for the same thing, good stuff is bound to happen.