Spotting a Scammer

Online dating is a simple, easy, and very popular way of dating. There are a large number of reputable dating websites, and many people have found successful long-term relationships in this way. Unfortunately, scammers have managed to effectively infiltrate the online dating world and many people have been duped into parting with their money to internet fraudsters.

The prevalence of scammers in the online dating industry is undeniably a huge problem, and most reputable online dating agencies will take some steps to protect their customers from scammers. You should be aware, however, of how to spot and avoid potential scammers.

What is a scammer?

An online dating scammer is basically a person who has created a fake profile online. They probably portray themselves as likable and desirable, but once they have you hooked they find some way to entice your money from you. You may think that you would never fall for something like this, but don’t be fooled, these scammers can be very convincing (and men, they do not only target women).

What follows is a typical online dating scam situation. A good-looking, smart, and congenial man (or woman) replies to your profile. You correspond back and forth, eventually bypassing the dating service and chatting over email.

They divulge certain personal details, and eventually win you over. They seem to be the person of your dreams. However, after establishing this fake relationship with you, they begin asking money. You make plans to meet, but wait; they need money for a plane ticket, a family emergency, a medical bill, or their car.

How to spot an online dating ‘fake’

Internet dating is a fantastic resource and great way to meet a like-minded partner. However, remember that scammers operate without preference and, more importantly, without mercy. You can ensure your safety but taking heed of the above advice.