Taking Friendship to the Next Level

Kicking a friendship up a notch from "just friends" to "an item" can be a tricky and excruciatingly sticky situation. Whether you are friends who talk a lot online or you have been hanging out at each others homes for years, it can still be a bit of a minefield. That isn't to say it isn't worth giving it a shot though. On the other hand, it doesn't mean you should do it either. Confused yet?

The secret is to be honest with one another. I don't care what anyone says, there is no way that a man and a woman can be friends without one of them having romantic feelings for the other at some point in the relationship. I don't mean they can't be friends, I mean exactly what I said, that at some point in the relationship (beginning, middle or end take your pick) one of you is going to want to be more than that. There is a good chance that if you both want to, you can work through it and still come out as friends.

If on the other hand you both are interested in getting a little somthin' somethin' going between you, then you have to have a good long conversation about what this means. Are you both looking into a long term relationship? If not then forget it now and don't bother. If one of you just wants a "hook up" that is a friend killer FOR SURE. Don't even consider throwing a good friendship away for a roll in the sack, no good can come of it.

As long as you both have strong feelings for one another, trust each other and are well aware that this could mean the end of what you already have if it doesn't work out, then it might just be worth a shot.