The Biggest Sex Suppressors

Truthfully, most relationships are a lot easier without sex entering the picture. Sure, you won’t be as intimate with your partner. You won’t have those awesome-feeling encounters when your bodies do the voodoo dance of la-la-la-love. But you also won’t have to feel like a schmuck when you lose your libido and the sex isn’t fun anymore.

For those of you still on a dating site and looking for your future partner, remember that things will not always be bright and rosy. Your sex life can be a drag sometimes, and it’s a funk you’ll have to try hard to break out of.

To avoid becoming single again and hitting up those dating sites for round two, watch out for these sex suppressors.

Door ajar

Since the relationship has been going for a while, the initial newness and passion has all but worn away. This means you actually need to be horny to have great sex. Leaving the bathroom door open and putting your business in the hallway is not a great libido builder.

The mall rat

Piling your bedroom up with useless crap like posters, stuffed animals and other trinkets was alright when you were a 15-year-old mall freak. Now, however, you’re an adult and are sharing a bedroom. Don’t turn your room into an early 90s rock concert or the animal kingdom. That’s just not sexy.

The extortionist

Having sex with your partner in order to get what you want is just wrong on so many levels. They will find out after the first time (if they’re smarter than they are horny), and when they do, you can bet that they’re going to shy away from any sex, because they think it comes with strings attached.

The actress

This one is mostly for the ladies. Faking it is not a turn-on! If your guy isn’t satisfying you, try one of two things: tell him about it or take care of yourself. Don’t fake it. Not only will the sex be boring, but he’ll be emasculated if he finds out.