The London Online Dating Scene

If you’re new to London, and looking for someone special, your options are nearly limitless. However, your success will depend entirely on what kind of person you are, and if you’re shy and don’t enjoy going out much you might have trouble going out to bars, etc., to meet someone special. If you don’t drink for any reason you will find it particularly difficult, and that’s where the London online dating scene comes in.

Online dating not shameful anymore

In London, online dating has lost much of its stigma. It’s a cosmopolitan, modern city, and telling people that you as a couple met online will most likely elicit remarks like ‘cute’ rather than ‘weird’. You also have to remember that people are generally not members of online dating communities for very long – precisely because they’re very good at getting people together. That means that anybody you meet will be about as new to it as you are, which will help to put you at ease.

Meeting real people online for dates

As for the actual process of finding someone, it usually follows a standard pattern. You can browse using whatever filters you like, or the site will match you up with potentially compatible people. Usually you will express interest in some way – a ‘wink’, a ‘poke’, etc, which will give the other person an idea that you are interested in starting a conversation. They will either reply in a similar way, or with an email, or not at all. Since London online dating is fairly relaxed, you might be surprised with how easy it is to get into an email conversation.

This is, of course, the next step. Introduce yourself, give your real name (if you’ve used a username on the site) and say that you like the look of their profile. Ask them a question about something they’ve put on it, perhaps, or make a joke, but don’t get too serious. Once you’ve opened this up, and received a reply, try to organise a meeting – usually after about three emails each way. If it goes on longer than that the other person is likely to get bored – remember, they’re probably having the same conversation with someone else!

You met online now it’s time to date!

Once you arrange a meeting it’s all up to you. My personal suggestion is drinks, and not with anyone else you know around. It might be tricky for some of you, but even if it doesn’t go well, it’s all just good practice. It’s only a matter of time before the London online dating scene puts you with the person you’re looking for!