The Online Dating Boom: Rhyme and Reason

With millions upon millions of users around the world, the online dating industry is one of the fastest-growing—and surprisingly economically stable—industries on the planet. People are flocking to various dating sites in record numbers. And whether it’s due to increased advertising spending or just the proverbial word of mouth, there is no denying that the best among singles sites share the stage equally with other social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter. Just ask any online daters.

Relationships are always in high demand. As people, we’re all genetically coded to seek companionship. We want that special someone to share life’s little moments with. And if technological advancements have proven anything at all over the past decade, they’ve shown that people also like their convenience. This is evidenced by the hordes of iPods and iPhones and other gizmos sold. Compact, quick and convenient – that’s how we like it.

Dating and the Internet are literally a match made in heaven, pun intended. The reasons why so many people are choosing to use the ‘Net instead of conventional methods are as numerous as they are logical. But for creators of these social networking marvels, there is a lot of technology behind the scenes that everyday users never take time to appreciate while skimming the superficial surface.

One such advancement is the new BoonEx release: Dolphin 7. A leader in the social networking software market, BoonEx pushes the envelope in their respective field, creating safe and simple solutions for sites dealing with constant and heavy traffic. Dolphin 7 was specifically created on a modular system, making it easy in install default modules, as well as making tasks like file sharing, video/audio chat features and mailing safe and secure.

With dating sites specifically, the community software for profile building and serving is the easy part. BoonEx claims their new Dolphin 7 also makes handling tasks like payments and communication management easy, through various security encryptions and anti-fraud solutions.

Previous versions of Dolphin have proven far from perfect. With trouble updating and security issues, the BoonEx software wasn’t making believers out of skeptics. Only time will tell if Dolphin 7 is a true improvement, but so far, the feedback has been positive and online daters continue to meet and mingle unaware of the proverbial man behind the curtain.