The Playbook Barney Stinson's Way

You're probably wondering why I am talking about a player on a dating site. It would be ironic to take advice from someone who believes marriage is the wrong thing, and it's perfectly acceptable to call yourself Lorenzo van Matterhorn.

But I advocate we should listen to some things Barney Stinson says. If you living under a rock, he's the man behind How I Met Your Mother; a proverbial ultimate player and douchebag yet lovable.

Let's take Barney's Playbook. This man has organized his dating. They're cheap, they're on the border of ethically correct, and some are flat out weird but what Barney has done is create a strategy for every personality he wants to be. How many you can say you could counterattack every throwback you got from a guy/girl? Did you have a gameplan? Did you have an angle? Barney has has bases covered.

Answered no to any of the questions? You totally need a Barney Playbook. First, watch Barney's video, then reflect five minutes. I'll discuss below.

The Playbook is the guide to get women, though you can call it a trick or cheap tricks book.
In order to effectively get a women, you need conditions and rules. He takes things to the extreme, but here's a simple example. Condition: Bar on a Friday night. Rules: Only speak to women in groups of 2-3. Have a wingman to distract girls. Be confident. Speak proper English. "Hey baby" is not proper English, it's douchebag English.

Now, we don't advocate for being a liar or doing anything that can get you arrested. So, with the playbook, think of all the situations you're in and how you deal with them. If you go to the gym, the bar, the rabbit shelter (hey! you love fuzzy things), the club, the coffee shop, or the grocery store, you behave differently in each one of the situations. Would you oogle about fuzzy bunnies when watching football with the guys at a bar? No. Would you talk about fuzzy bunnies when chatting up a girl who loves PETA at the bar? YES.

What you need to do is make a list of places and situations and decide how you will act in each scenario. Here are few examples to get you started:
Bar on Friday night
Bar after work
Sports bar
Grocery store
Natural foods store (e.g. Whole Foods, Trader Joes)
Electronics store
Lunch restaurants
Exercise class (spinning, boxing, cycling, yoga, etc)

Now get started and decide how you will act at each place.