The Reasons Women Like Taken men

It’s no longer a myth that women prefer guys who are already in a relationship. Now that we understand more about how the human brain works, and how we evolved from cave-dwelling, hard-living early humans into the people we are today, the reasons why some women prefer a taken man are abundantly clear.

Not every woman is drawn to a taken man. Some are appalled at the idea and wouldn’t dream of infringing on another woman’s territory, much less play second fiddle in the one-man band. But some women out there just can’t help themselves. They’re patrolling dating sites and bars around the world looking for men already in a relationship.

Why do some women seem to enjoy stealing men?

For starters, you’re looking at something purely instinctual. Back when we were dwelling in those aforementioned caves, women needed strong, fertile protectors to provide them with food, shelter, children and overall security from the outside world.

This isn’t necessarily bred out of any of us. We’re just able to resist the urges now that we’ve dealt with modern life for a few generations.

Do we romanticize too much?

There’s also the romantic notions brought about from taken men. If a man’s in a relationship and looks to be happy, then that signals to women that he’s doing something right – he’s a good lover and everything that they’re looking for in a relationship of their own.

Viewing men in this role is purely romantic and can be extremely misleading. All you’re seeing is what’s on the surface. You’re really getting no idea if the couple is truly happy. All you know is that he’s in a relationship. The rest is your brain filling in the spots with what you want them to be.

It’s not healthy for women to only want to be with taken men

If you find that you’re unable to resist the urge to hook up with a man already in a relationship, then you may want to think about seeing someone for this. Seriously. This is a dangerous role to play in your relationship life. There’s rarely anything good that will come out of it.

If you can resist the urge, then you probably realize it’s a bad move already. The best approach to take if you’re attracted to a taken man is to find those same qualities in a single guy. You might have to look a little harder and past your own biases, but they’re there.