The Top Mood-Killers in Marriage

Being able to find the right person via a dating site and starting a real relationship is a wonderful thing. Hopefully, if the two of you are really right for one another, you will be able to build a solid and loving relationship, and maybe even end up in matrimonial bliss.

Once you’re married, however, you’ll find that life with your partner can still be very stressful. Take sex for example. Sure, you’re probably still attracted to your partner. You’ve been attracted to them since you first saw them on the dating site. But now it’s different; now there are a whole lot of mood-killers to deal with.

Mood-killing situations plaguing the average marriage


Not that we’re trying to deter anyone from having children, but the kids running around the house is definitely a huge mood killer. It’s hard to find the romance when you’re dealing with a constant headache from babysitting the brat patrol.


So, you finally got the kids to bed, you’re lying beside your loving spouse, and you’re as turned on as you’ve been in weeks. Suddenly, he lets one rip and stinks the place out. Bye-bye, libido. The unashamed nature of some men—and women, too!—can kill the mood rather quickly.

Bustin’ out

When using dating sites, you don’t really have to worry about a few extra pounds. Sure, you’ll want to touch up on the body work before actually meeting someone, but it’s good to let yourself go every once in a blue moon. This is the attitude many have after getting married, and they go from a minor lapse to a legitimate belly overlap. At some point, your spouse may stop being physically attracted to the blob lying there.


Nothing is able to kill moods quite like routine. If you’re doing the same things every time you lead up to and have sex, your libidos eventually will refuse to rise to the occasion.