They’ve Taken a Lickin’ but They’re Still Tickin’

senior dating

It may not be the most pleasant of thoughts you’ve ever had – grandma deciding that she’s ready to give love another go. But the statistics are undeniable: Senior dating is absolutely exploding via the online dating world.
In these modern times, seniors are not only living healthier and longer lives, but they’re also recipients of progressive science that has crafted many pills and elixirs to increase vitality. Gross, right? Well, such is life – and if we’re to be considered lucky, we should all hope for not only life well into our senior years, but also love.

Almost every dating site worth its salt has a wide selection of singles aged 55 and over looking to make a connection. In terms of what’s available for seniors, the game is really no different at all than any other type of dating. Virtual flirts, video conferences, live chats and forged friendships looking to evolve into something more – it’s all available to the senior community, and they’re taking full advantage of it when they start online dating and using social networking.

The number of seniors accessing dating sites shouldn’t be surprising to any of us, however. The Internet never arrived with an age limit. Social networking and basic computer skills are tasks that common sense handles. You don’t need to be part of the PC generation or have a degree from a technical institute to reach out and cyber-touch someone.
Who knows; seniors into their triple-digit years might decide that now’s the time for love. And who are we to say otherwise?

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The immense popularity of online dating has brought every demographic imaginable to the computer. Seniors looking for connection, just like anyone their junior, is only the logical progression of a system that doesn’t discriminate.

Unless you’re reaching retirement or have a proclivity for GILFs, senior dating probably isn’t up your alley. But the next time you sit in judgment of older individuals looking for love, ask yourself if you’d want to be lonely in your waning years.