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The First Date Location

Online dating runs contrary to the tried-and-true principles many so-called relationship experts have been espousing for decades. For starters, the lack of the physical means your emotions are working double-time – something that could lead to poor decision making and a false idea about someone. Then you have the fact that most online relationships are long distance in nature. This has always been a supposed “no-no.”

Nevertheless, millions of couples are brought together via online dating sites each year, and these believed experts are finding that their services are no longer needed. Even still, a little relationship advice wouldn’t hurt. For instance, how do you handle the first date when meeting online?

Even if the person you’re meeting is only from a few towns over, finding a neutral location for a first date can be difficult. Neither of you really want to be out of your comfort zone. And the fact that you’re meeting your potential partner in the flesh for the first time really just adds fuel to the nervous fire.

If you’re meeting someone from another state or country, then the issue is seriously magnified.

A first date location should be casual and as nonthreatening as possible. This is something you should handle preemptively when you’re thinking about meeting. Whether you’re going to stay in your town or are planning on meeting your date half way, you should speak about it in advance and pick out a location that’s best for you.

Make sure the location is public. A small diner or restaurant is the perfect place to meet. Even a store or a public park will impart a feeling of safety for your date.

Of course, time is just as important. A late dinner and a movie might seem very romantic, but when you’re meeting someone in the flesh for the first time, the proverbial day date has a much higher success rate.

Going to the zoo or strolling through a museum is a great way to make that initial contact and to be open and friendly. The more comfortable you both are, the more you can open up and see if the spark is real.