Tips for Your Dating Profile

Tips for Your Dating Profile

Signing up for any free dating site is relatively easy and self explanatory. You simply enter your name, a little bit of information, and viola – your account is created. However, knowing how to correctly fill out your dating profile to attract singles to you is another story entirely.
It’s not exactly rocket science we’re looking at here, but it will involve a little calculation on your part.

How do you want to be seem by an admiring public? What types of men and women do you hope to attract? Are you serious about a relationship or do you just want a random hookup? These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself to start out.

When building your profile, here are a few solid tips to keep in mind:

1: Always be up front about your status
Be clear and honest about your relationship status, your sexual—and other odds and ends—preference, and always make the distinction in what you’re looking for in a partner – i.e. dating, friendship, marriage, etc.

2: Being mysterious is okay, but being creepy is for the birds
Obviously, you don’t want to simply dish out every dirty secret. You don’t want to put down your address and phone number. Free dating sites attract a lot of unsavory characters, so telling too much about yourself is a very bad idea for you in both the short term and the long run. That being said, you still want to tell a person who “you” are so you don’t come across like the friendly neighborhood serial killer.

You can add a little bit of intrigue by leaving things like your religion and career in question, and some purple prose waxing poetic in the description can also add an air of mystery.

3: If you got it, flaunt it
If you have a webcam, cell phone with a camera, digital camera, or an overactive family member who loves taking photos of you, then be sure you post a few (5 at a minimum) on your profile. You can touch them up and use only the best ones if you like, but the proverbial one photo face shot is what a lot of scammers use. Show people who you are.

4: Keep it succinct
A lot of us love to ramble on and on about our lives, but this is a bad approach for online dating. Keep your profile information relatively short. A few hundred words tops is probably the limit. Any more than that, you risk people losing interest completely.