Tips to Use when Meeting Her Father

Using dating sites can be a great way to help you find a long-lasting relationship. They’re easy to use, packed with millions of members, and some out there are even free. However, hooking up online is only the beginning of the story. You then have to hold down a successful real-world relationship.

Inevitably, if you’ve found a girl you like, you’ll eventually have to meet her family. This means possibly meeting her father and that can end in disaster if you’re not careful.

Here are some tips to use when meeting her father

Don’t Listen, Hear

There’s a big difference between listening to someone and actually hearing what they have to say. When you meet your girl’s father, be sure that you’re hearing him. A lot us have a tendency to zone out in our own thoughts, still listening to someone but not actually paying attention to what they’re saying. You never know; there may be a pop quiz later!


Watch how your girlfriend is acting here. She knows her father a heck of a lot better than you, but you do have the advantage of knowing her. If her body language seems a little off, then this may be a sign that things aren’t going over too smoothly between the men at the table. If this is the case, then revise your strategy.


You may not like it. In fact, you may hate it tremendously – but sometimes fathers like to interrogate their daughter’s boyfriend, and sometimes the daughter also joins in with a few criticisms of her own. If you value the relationship, take your licks in stride and don’t cause a scene. Just agree humbly and chalk it up to experience.

He’s the “Man”

Most fathers are going to want to pay for the dinner (assuming that’s where you’re meeting – out), and they’ll take it as a huge insult if you even offer to pay. So remember that he wants to be the #1 man in her life always, and you should bow out gracefully and let him be while you’re all together.