How To Catch a Cheater: The Dating Sites Edition

Anyone who thinks that being cheated on is easier to get over if it happens online as opposed to in the “real world” has obviously never been cheated on. This is something that can devastate you, no matter where it happens at.

A cheating partner, in many ways, is like death. It’s taking away all the relationship was and possibly all it will ever be. It makes you feel as if your life has been a lie and makes you question your worth and if you could have somehow prevented it. It’s brutal, and having it happen through dating sites might not make it any less so.

Many couples meeting through dating sites will technically be together—a couple—for months before they decide to take it to that next level. Often enough, there’s true love there. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of guys and gals trying to entertain at other parties.

Here are a few tip on how to catch a cheater:

Hostile, Devil-May-Care Attitude

If your partner has gone from being a loving, caring and polite person to a little moody, thoughtless and callous, then he or she may be seeing someone else and deciding that what you have is more of an annoyance or hindrance at this point. Sure, it could simply be a mood swing, but watch out if it persists. It’s a tell-tale sign of cheating.

New Photos

Has he or she suddenly switched things around on their dating profile? If you thought you were serious about meeting and giving this a go, yet your partner is out there changing his or her photos, then you might be dealing with a cheater trying to attract other fish to the lure.

Extending the Date

One of the biggest signs of cheating via dating sites is when one partner suddenly decides to change or extend meeting dates. It’s not uncommon for some people to try to date multiple people online, and sudden and unexplained changes in the meeting schedule might be a sign.