Top 3 dating rules for men

You are a man, you’re out on the prowl looking for a real woman to take your breath away, am I right? Every man needs a good woman but not every man finds one and oftentimes it is because they didn’t follow some of the most basic rules of dating for men.

Here are 3 dating rules all men should follow if they ever want to see a woman again:

NUMBER ONE- Groom yourself well. Take a shower, put on plenty of deodorant, brush your teeth and use some mouthwash, shave (or at least groom the stubble or beard well) and dress appropriately. BUT whatever you do, don’t take a bath in your aftershave or cologne. A hint of scent is good but you don’t want to knock her out with it, women hate that.

NUMBER TWO- Don’t tell drunk stories. Seriously, women don’t want to hear about how you and your buddies get smashed and do stupid things all the time. It is a total turnoff. Chances are she is looking for a guy she can depend on and if you are out boozing every night she knows she can’t depend on you.

NUMBER THREE- Don’t even think about having sex on your first date, she will know you are thinking about it and then you are never going to get any. I am dead serious, even if she did sleep with you right away, she will probably never go on another date with you because she will be ashamed of herself.

These are the top 3 dating rules for men to follow if they want to actually see a girl for a second date. Remember them! And now you can go on reading the Top 3 Dating Ruels for Women.