Top 5 Must Read Online Dating Tips

Here are some tips you can use to make dating a little less intense (the bad kind of intensity I mean):

Online dating can actually be more stressful for some people than old fashioned dating due to the fact that most people don't feel they are photogenic enough to attract people to their profiles. Nothing could be further from the truth though. What you don't find photogenic another could find absolutely, totally and completely radiant.

TIP NUMBER 1: Don't worry about perfection in photos!
Sites have things like flirts, winks and so forth can get you down if you don't feel you are gathering enough of these little things. Fuggedaboutit! Who cares how many strangers "wink" at you? What is more important is that someone emails or messages you with a real intent to get to know you. So:

TIP NUMBER 2: Don't stress your lack of "flirts"!
Don't overshare. Yes, there is such a thing. Never give out your address or workplace information. People have done it and it has ended very badly, keep in mind you don't know these people and until you get to know them better it's best to keep where you live to yourself.

TIP NUMBER 3: Keep your mouth shut!
There are many reasons why people may not be flocking to your profile in droves. One could be placement. If you are on a free site for example, chances are those who pay a little extra each month are going to have their profiles shuttled to the top of the list, so if you don't get anyone biting right away, don't worry about it. People will find you.

TIP NUMBER 4: Your time will come, don't expect instant results when you join a dating site!
You could be getting rejected for things that are far from personal. While you may feel you can't write a good enough profile or take a good enough picture, you could find that people are passing you over for other things. For example, maybe you love animals and have a couple cats and a dog, perhaps some of the singles you are interested in are allergic to animals. Or maybe they have a different faith than you or even they don't want kinds or you do.

TIP NUMBER 5: Don't take everything so personally!
Remember these tips the next time you are feeling down about online dating. If you are experiencing a slump, it's not's them.