Top Dating Tips: How To Not Be Clingy

Remember when you first starting dating Mr. Right? You were independent, had your own friends, hobbies and a real life that he wasn’t the center of. Then suddenly “the one” stepped into your life and all the air went out of your lungs. He may now be the center of your life and in a way that’s great. You may want to be careful not to be too wrapped up in him, keep him interested and just plain keep him in your life.

Dating Tip ONE:

Following this dating advice will keep you from becoming a clingy, needy woman that actually scares the pants off of him.

The first thing our tips suggests is to not entirely change your life. Keep your friends and the time you spend with them. Giving up your hobbies for him will make you unhappy and give you way too much free time to study on him or “the relationship.”

Dating Online Tip TWO:

The next piece of dating advice is to set aside time for him; not all of your time. Don’t be too available; have scheduled dates or day trips. You will become someone he can’t wait to hear from or spend time with. If you’re too available or clingy—he’ll feel suffocated and run like the wind.

Don’t consciously have anxious thoughts about what he’s doing now or every moment of every day. Just do your own thing and remember how good the relationship is when you are together.

Dating Tip THREE:

Remain secure in yourself. You know how great you are and how lucky he is to have you. If he didn’t think so too the two of you wouldn’t be in a relationship to begin with.

Dating Online Tip FOUR:

Be honest if he makes you have feelings of insecurity and feel the need to be clingy. If he gives you the feeling that you aren’t important to him you should point it out. He may not even realize he’s invoking insecurity in you unless you point it out to him.

Follow these tips when online dating and you’ll have a secure, loving relationship that doesn’t take over your life, or his.