Top First Date Tips

Your first online dating endeavor worked out really great. You found several interesting and eligible singles you’d like to get to know better and have a date with.

So, now it is here, you actually made your first date. This can be the really fun part but you’re just a bundle of nerves. Here are some basic tips to make this first date become just one of many and to ease a little of those first-date jitters.

Ask your date some questions. Most people like to talk about their work, family, pets or hobbies. You might ask them about their favorite kind of books or movies to learn a little about their own unique preferences. The key to asking a good question is to actually listen closely to their answers. Being sincere and thoughtful is really important too.

You want to ask questions that they have to actually give an answer to. A question that only needs a yes or no answer won’t help the conversation along very much. If they have let you know they like books about dogs then you might ask if they have a preference in pets or about their pet.

Now you can ask more questions that are following-up on the answers they have already given you. It will also show that you listened to them and are really interested in what they have to say.

Another great tip is for you not to tell your date your entire life history. You also don’t want to start conversations that are argumentative or debatable for many people. You may want to know where your date stands on religion if it is important to your compatibility but you don’t want to bring it up on the very first date. Other issues to avoid are any negative ones, such as past relationships.

You may want to think about what questions to ask before the date. This helps avoid all the debatable ones, the controversial ones and you don’t want to appear that this is an inquisition instead of a fun and friendly date. This means that if you notice questions that may be better later on forget about them for this first date.

Just remember to have a relaxed and fun, enjoyable first date and it could lead to many, many more.