Turn offs: Eww GAG! Dating Turnoffs

When signing up with an online dating service, the last thing you want to do is repel potential companions. Online dating turnoffs are a common occurrence with new online daters who quickly write their profiles or “I’m interested” emails on a whim without mental preparation. To avoid this happening, we have provided this article to warn new users of the most common Online Dating Turnoffs.

Some of the most common online dating turnoffs are the same ones you’d come across in offline dating, but since most everything is done through textual conversation, there are a few more online dating turnoffs to avoid.

Online Dating Turn offs #1 – Negative Attitude

If you come off sounding like you are pisses off at the entire world. For instance, you want to kill your ex, you hate your job, you’re upset with your family, there are problems in your home, nothing ever goes your way, etc. This kind of negative attitude is a major online dating turnoff. The person comes in thinking you want them to fix everything and make life wonderful. It doesn’t work that way, they know it, and they will lose interest immediately.

Online Dating Turn offs #2 – Immaturity

No one wants to start a relationship with someone who has yet to “grow up”. If you are a constant party goer, live with your parents, play video games all day/night, are late to work on regular basis because of your immature habits, and so on. This behavior points to lack of finances and the need for a babysitter, not a relationship. This may sound like teenage behavior, but you might b surprised how many 30+ (men especially) who are like this, and often actually brag about it.

Online Dating Turn offs #3 – Addictive Behavior

Though drug/alcohol abuse is the number one addictive behavior in this category, there are other addictions involved as well – gambling, eating, working, taking pain meds, etc. This behavior points to a person that is too consumed with their addiction to nurture a relationship.

Online Dating Turn offs #4 – Self Obsession

If it’s all about you, there’s nothing for the other person. Don’t constantly speak about yourself and how wonderful you are. If you are looking to be admired, get a puppy, not a mate. A lot of people have this characteristic and don’t even realize it, so if you’ve been told more than once to “get over yourself”, this is something you need to work on.

Online Dating Turn offs #5 – Pushing Marriage/Children

This is aimed mostly towards women, but there are certainly a few men with this problem as well. Never begin and online dating relationship by telling someone, “I’m so threw with the dating scene. I want to get married and settled down as soon as possible” or, “Do you like kids? I want a lot of children running around the house”. If you bring up marriage/children too soon, a lot of people will get scared off. This is a conversation that should occur further down the line, when you have established compatibility and mutual friendship. You can add in your profile that you like children, or would like to have children some day. You can add that you are seeking a long-term relationship and would eventually like to get married. Just don’t bring it up in your first or second conversation, unless they mention it first - in which case they are breaking the “online dating turnoffs” rule and it’s up to you to decide whether it turns you off.

If you simply think before you type, you can avoid these online dating turnoffs and enjoy much better results from your online dating experience.