UK Dating: Chivalry Still Alive and Kicking

Not many would expect that something like the Internet, prized for its modernism and instant communication capabilities, would also be heralded for its ability to act like a time machine of sorts. Of course, we all know time travel is impossible with our current meager understanding of physics, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ourselves return to a time when people were more polite and still chivalrous.

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in the UK is showing the entire world that chivalry was never dead; it was just harder to find than usual. For people out there not entirely sure just what chivalry is and how it’s synonymous with the UK of old, let’s take a quick look at what this method of wooing entails and how it might help you score the online date of your dreams if employed correctly.

Essentially, chivalry is a noun that means the ideal qualifications of a knight. Now, think about a knight in medieval times. What were they best known for?

Okay, of course. They were warriors, true. They often rode around on horseback, getting into fights and running folk through with their swords. But knights were also extremely honorable. Being a warrior was only part a knight’s forte. He was also a protector. This quality was one admired by women then and still admired by women now. Having honor and respect is very important in a relationship.

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Knights were also very courteous and generous. They had no problems handing out the compliments and then handing out some great presents (a great present then might have been a side of beef, though, so be sure to hit up the jewelry store in modern times).

Valor was also an important characteristic of a knight and one that helped these chivalrous soldiers woo any woman they wanted. Think of valor as bravery. This isn’t something you do. Bravery is something you’d exude in this context, like having swagger.

Above all else, knights and others employing chivalrous tactics of the time knew how to treat a lady. It wasn’t about randomly hooking up and getting involved in quick relationships. Women, even if they were to be mistresses, were highly respected and treated well at all times.

Guys swimming in today’s dating pool can definitely learn a thing or few from the old knights of past. And many are. Dating site users in the UK are well aware of chivalry’s return, and they’re using it to their full advantage.