UK Singles: Put Personality In Your Dating Profile

The popularity of online dating in the UK has skyrocketed in recent years. It is easy, cheap, and less time consuming than other forms of dating. With so many singles in the UK (at last count there were an estimated 12 million) it is little wonder that online dating has become such a common way to find a romantic relationship

Some dating sites now use personality tests to match similar people. Others, however, allow users to browse profiles and search for their own potential matches. This is why the blurb where you get a chance to describe yourself and what you are looking for is so important. You need to put some personality in your dating profile.

The personality factor

In finding a partner online that will fit into your lifestyle, the personality factor is very important. To attract the right date, having a great profile picture is not necessarily sufficient. A fabulous dating profile picture may make people stop and look at your profile, but to secure that interest and ensure a great match, your need to convey your great personality too. The personality factor is an important consideration for online daters.

It is, of course, not an easy task to bring across your personality in just a short description on your dating profile. However, by finding a great personality match, your chances at a lasting relationship are much stronger. It is therefore important to give those who take the time to look over your profile, a proper taste of your personality. Having a fun, informative, and accurate description is key.

Hints and tips on adding personality to your dating profile

Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of that short paragraph:

1. Talk about who you are - Mention your hobbies and interests, particularly those that you think reveal a bit about the ‘inner you’. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? This will not only provide a potential date with some insight into your personality but will help with finding you someone with whom you have mutual interests.

2. Be original - ‘I enjoy reading and long walks on the beach’ is boring! This type of thing has all been said before. Rather be specific: what types of books do you read? Which beach is your favourite and why? If you read over your profile and it sounds generic, this is probably a sign you need to make some changes.

3. Love the small details - It is often the small tidbits and idiosyncrasies about your life, which may seem insignificant, that will catch the eye of a potential date and score you points. What is your guilty admittance? Who would you compare yourself to in contemporary culture and why?

4. Don’t be a copycat- Don't copy the wit, charm, and personality traits of a fellow online dater. Although it may be tricky, don’t be too lazy to think anything up, rather spend the time doing it yourself.

5. Avoid negativity - It is a major turnoff.

Be sure to add some of your own unique personality to your online dating profile to boost your chances of finding, and keeping, that perfect match.