Underappreciated First Date Locations

Almost everyone using a dating site online is trying to accomplish one thing – to get a date. However, it’s important to realize that actually impressing someone via the PC is only half the battle (maybe only about 5%, strictly speaking!). You still have to hit it off with your date in person.

Sure, the location of your first date might not be in the forefront of your mind when you’re browsing a dating site and looking for singles, but maybe it should be. More relationships fail due to a boring first date than any other reason.

Try these under appreciated first date locations to impress your mate

Dance fever

It’s not a great idea to get all hot and sweaty on your first date (hot and bothered is another issue entirely), but taking your date dancing is something that’s fun for everyone, especially—ironically—if you don’t really know how to dance. Injecting some accidental humor into a date is a great thing. Of course, we’re talking about a dancing class and not out on the actual dance floor. It should be intimate.

Stick ‘em

So here’s a date you probably didn’t think of: fencing! That’s right; those white suits, those bee-keepers’ masks and those flimsy swords with the ball tip – it’s all great fun. More than likely, it’s something your date has never tried before, and you’d be surprised how much joy one takes from poking you repeatedly in the stomach with a hard object (no, that is not a sexual pun).

Go ahead and score

Okay, as with the dancing, we don’t want to get overly sweaty and uncomfortable here, but sporty dates are always fun and totally underrated, especially basketball. Most local gyms and parks have basketball courts, and it’s a great location for an outdoor lunch and a little one-on-one time.