Ways to Tell if He’s Bad In Bed

If you’re on a date, and things are going well, and you’re trying to decide whether or not it would be worth it to bring this one home or not, there are a few ways to work out the chances of him being a stallion or a flop.  Bear in mind, though, that appearance can be deceiving, and everything in this article should be taken with a pinch of salt.  Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for.

The Dry Patch – He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while.  You know this because he keeps mentioning it.  If he looks like he’d rather spend his time growing his neckbeard and playing World of Warcraft, he probably isn’t going to last very long in the sack, and that little time won’t be exceptionally special either. As much as nerds need love too, you should probably avoid this one unless you have time to train him.

The Shy, Silent Type – He might be intriguing and mysterious, but social confidence very often correlates with sexual confidence.  If he’s the type of guy who doesn’t even become outgoing after a few drinks, he probably isn’t going to be the type to take charge and drive you wild in the bedroom.  He might be a sensitive, gentle lover, but midnight passion is probably not his thing.

The fast typist - Pay attention to how he’s typing to you while you’re speaking. If he types quickly and likes to take shortcuts with abbreviations and acronyms and whatnot, then he might not be very focused on detail. And that might mean that he won’t spend a lot of time satisfying you. We’re talking about 4 pumps, a squirt and a nap.

The Pretty Boy – He probably gets a lot of girls, but how many of them does he leave satisfied? If a guy seems too interested in whether or not his eyebrows are plucked right, he will probably spend more time making sure his abs are looking good while he’s going at it.  If you want something that’s nice to look at, then go for it.  But if you’re looking for someone with real skills, he’s probably not your guy.

So who is a good bet? The guy who doesn’t talk about it, but quietly exudes sexual confidence.  He might have a bit of a reputation, or he might not, but if he walks with good posture, is easy to engage, and doesn’t need a six-pack of liquid confidence, he probably knows his way around the boudoir.