What Does He Want? Men & Relationships

Many men make the mistake of thinking that it is the woman that doesn´t know what she wants in a relationship. There are times where she flip flops but women have a wider picture of what they want in a relationship. Men, on the other hand, do not even seem to have a rough draft of what they want in a relationship no matter how far along they are in age. Whether it is how to communicate, where they are going to go in the future or even where they want to go tonight, it seems like you have to pull teeth just to get an answer.

Men like to demonstrate more than they actually like to speak but without using words, their gestures can be misinterpreted or overlooked. At least with women, we express “I want …” and of course when they do not get what they want it becomes a huge ordeal, especially when he says that he didn´t know or understand.

Men are sometimes also very clandestine with their plans. They say that everything is out there in the open while he is concentrating on a new career move that might just bump you off the map. You can say “hey, let´s go to Paris next year” and he will be right there with you every step of the way until it comes time to buy the tickets when he says “oh yeah, honey, I got this new job promotion and WE can´t go.” You are expected to hold back the reigns and say that it is alright, but it´s not.

Men need to be more responsible for their actions. They need to be honest with the fact that he cannot pretend that he wants the same things until the last moment. When you are in a relationship, both sides are being affected. If there is something that a man wants, you need to know exactly what it is. If he cannot tell you then it is time to move on and continue on your plans. Otherwise you´ll live in regret following the footsteps of someone else.