What You Don’t Know about Kissing

Okay, you might be able to plant a vicious (in a good way) smooch on someone and knock their socks off. You might really know how to kiss. However, that doesn’t mean you know a lot about kissing – like what makes it feel so good and why this little activity often leads to more intimate activities.

If you’re using one of the many dating sites out there, pay attention to these types of fun facts. You’ll be able to put them to use and find out their true meanings soon enough.

Here are just a few things you didn’t know about kissing

It’s all connected

There are 100x more nerve endings in your lips than in your fingertips. And these nerves are connected to your other feel-good parts, so it’s all one in the same, basically.

Short kisses tell all

If your guy only gives you a peck instead of a heart-felt kiss, this is a sure sign that he’s emotionally cut off and is going to be a tough nut to crack.

Lips are made for sucking

One of the best ways to turn a guy on and make him go crazy is to kiss and suck on his earlobe.

It’s biological

If you thought guys loved shoving their tongue in your mouth because they’re sloppy when they’re horny, you’re actually wrong. It’s all scientific. Guys initiate open-mouthed kisses in order to transfer testosterone to their partners. This, in turns, boosts libido.

Not so picky

Guys are more than twice as likely to sleep with a bad kisser, whereas girls usually want nothing to do with a bad kisser.

The X factor

If you ever wondered why “X” stood for a kiss, it’s because, during the Middle Ages, you signed a contract with an X and then sealed it with a kiss in order to pledge your honor.