Why a Mama’s Boy is a Great Dating Choice

When you’re a younger girl in the dating world, you typically date for status. This is why so many girls go after those proverbial bad boys. However, once you’ve matured and have decided that true, lasting love is the way to go, you’ll want to seek out one of those nice guys.

By the time you’ve decided to sign up for some type of dating site, you’ve probably sewn your wild oats and have figured out that finding someone genuinely good is better than finding a week’s worth of rebellion fodder.

If you’re using a dating site to find a guy, check out a few reasons that you should be giving those mama’s boys a second look.

Mr. Manners

Guys who love and respect their mothers typically respect all women and will show great manners in a relationship. This not only means that they’re easy to get along with, but it also means that chivalry will be alive and well, so you’ll have doors held open for you, you’ll have his coat when it’s cold, his hand to hold when you walk, etc.


Mama’s boys know one thing above all else: mother knows best. This has had a great affect on their love map, at least for you. It means that, when you get into that argument, you will always be right. In fact, he’ll think you’re right most of the time and he’ll be a lot more standoffish than willing to fight about trivial matters.

Father material

It’s also evident that a mama’s boy makes a better family man than a man who was raised without a mother. You might think it’s the other way around, and that a guy would need a father to be a good father. And while there is some truth to that, mama’s boys are without a doubt the best family men.

Keep these in mind and you might just find the guy that is perfect for you on dating sites.