Why Dating Friends is Bad News

When you finally decide that the time is right for you to find true love, you may be attracted to one of the many online dating sites out there. They’re usually cheap—if not completely free—to join, there are millions of eager singles, and you can take control and narrow down your search. Most of all, they have extremely high rates of success.

However, there is a bit of a downside to using online dating sites – at least as far as the friendship-relationship line goes. Since it’s so easy to become friends with someone first, and the fact that most online couples want to remain friends for a longer time before moving to the next level, relationships can sometimes become confusing.

Reasons why it’s not the best idea to date your friends

Impossible to split

It’s not hard to break-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend if they were/are your friend, per se. It’s just that it’s really hard to sever all ties with someone you were friends with before becoming lovers. More than likely, you’ll find that this person is deeply rooted in your life, both physically and emotionally, not to even mention that you probably share friends in common and won’t be able to make a clean break.

The return

Couples who were also friends have a habit of eventually returning to romantic situations, solely because they’re usually not willing to give up on the friendship but only the relationship. They often try to remain friends, because, as they’ll say, “we were good together as friends,” but the lines get blurred early and often. It’s just better to avoid it.

Longing and loathing

You’ll find that you miss a person more if they were your friend and your lover. Not that your lover isn’t going to be your friend, but it’s vastly different when you start out as friends. You have more of a brother-sister relationship (not to gross you out), and you may find that it’s exceedingly difficult to get over the split.