Why Do You Need Laughter in a Relationship?

Laughter is the foundation for any great relationship. Without it, your relationship will be surrounded by nagative energy. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your partner be happy by your words and actions. Laughter will ensure that your relationship is in good standing and that your partner feels good. Many people focus on whether they personally feel good in a relationship. In turn many of these relationships end up terminating because no one is doing their job.

The first person that you should criticize in a relationship is yourself. What have you done for your partner to make him or her laugh? Do you ever go out of your way to make this person smile? Do you only think about how you wish he or she made you smile more? Dating is not a one way street. You are probably taking a lot for granted. Trust me, you do not want to find out just how much this person was doing for you when you break up. Realize it while you are still together.

For people who are using a dating website partner is right for you because this person will find you funny and charming when they laugh.  If there is no laughter, there is no chemistry and there is no future.  Once you are in a relationship, maintain that laughter.  Don't worry if your partner is making you laugh, just concentrate on making him or her happy through laughter.  In time, you will know whether it is time to move on or keep heading forward.  Just make sure you are doing your part to keep the happiness in the air.