Why Does He Text Instead of Call?

It seems like everyone is a texting master but there is something so impersonal about texting someone about going out on a rejection when he does not have to hear your voice.  Quite often he will text you and then call you right after you have accepted. 

  • Guys want to know what you will say.  Some guys can be jerks and they do not want to waste the time to call because they just want to know whether you will say yes or no but without any intentions of actually going out on a date with you.  Steer clear of these guys!
  • It's economic.  Texting can be much more economic than a phone call.  The text message is right to the point and he doesn't have to spend a lot of money.
  • He's into you, but doesn't want to talk to you.  This sounds bad, but it is actually considerate.  If he knows that you like to talk, he might not want to call you because you will end up talking a lot on the phone.  When it comes to your date, he might not have too much to say and you might not either.  Texting allows a guy to save his words for the big date.
  • It can be rather annoying when a guy only texts to go out with you rather than calling.  Just let him know that you rather he call you than a text message.  If you can now understand why he texts you think of it as a bad romantic gesture but a romantic gesture nonetheless.