Why He Left The Relationship

Millions of ladies are out there right now putting a lot of effort into their dating site profiles in order to land the guy of their dreams. And while there are plenty of guys in this vast ocean to choose from, they can sometimes up and run away without a second thought.

If you’ve been seeing a guy via a dating site and he’s suddenly disappeared on you, here are some of the reasons why it might have happened.

Wasn’t serious

It could be that he was leading you on to begin with. Maybe he was just testing the waters and realized that things getting serious meant that he had to pony up and actually meet you. Although they won’t show it, some guys have a serious fear of commitment, and they’ll play the runaway bride role in a hurry.

Had a backup

It’s not uncommon for online daters in general to entertain more than one option. If things were going well, then you probably wouldn’t think he had girls on the side, but that could be the case if he suddenly disappeared. He could be with one of his other girls out there, and you’re none the wiser.

Funny feelings

The online dating format is already a little tricky for some people. You simply can’t have an accurate read on someone else through digital means. If a guy starts stewing on this, he can draw a conclusion, often times fabricating it from thin air, that you’re cheating on him. This will cause him to high-tail it.

Surface tension

It’s easy to lie to someone on a dating site. It could be that the guy, though he told you he was six foot tall and fit, was really short and chunky and nothing like he advertised himself to be. If this is the case, he’ll take off running at the first sign of seriousness, and you’ll probably never hear from him again.