Why Involved People Use Singles Sites

For everything positive the Internet has offered us, like the ability to instantly connect to people, online dating sites, and even an endless library of porn, there are quite a few negatives you may encounter while using the computer.

If you’re a member of any online dating sites out there, you may be looking for singles only to find that you run into a married person or someone else in a relationship. If they would come out and tell, that would be one thing. But they usually keep this a secret to the bitter end.

What are the reasons involved people try to fool you on singles sites?

The Mountain Axiom

When asked why they climb Everest, most people say “because it’s there” or, more popularly, “because I can.” This is the same mindset that a lot of involved people have when they sign up for singles sites and pretend to be eligible. They do it because they can, not caring about who gets hurt.


If a person’s unhappy in a relationship, that just adds one more reason to the vast list of reasons that people attempt to cheat. Remember, they’re not only trying to fool you, they’re also fooling their spouses and families and everyone who knows them. This is something that an unhappy person may do more willingly than a satisfied person.

Sexual Healing

About 6 times out of 10, maybe even more, an involved person will attempt to pick up on people via online dating sites by claiming they’re single because they want sex. It’s not about starting an entirely new relationship; it’s only about physical sex.

Window Shopping

As you may already know, not every person using an online dating site is even really serious about getting dates. For many involved people, they may be passing themselves off as singles only to do some window shopping – thinking about what they could have, either for an ego boost or just some—in their minds—“harmless” daydreaming.